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    3.15 Stable Released!

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    3.15 Stable Released! Empty 3.15 Stable Released!

    Post by jedi95 on Wed Sep 29, 2010 7:40 pm

    This version of the Tracker brings major improvements to the configuration process. The Heat Control and GPU3 Config windows have been merged into the main Configuration window. This release also adds CPU detection, XML Status output, and per-GPU forcegpu with nvidia_fermi option. This release should also use less memory than 3.10 due to changes in the compiler settings.


    - Fixed force GPU settings not being applied to the client used to update client.cfg (fixes "Unsupported GPU" with correct force GPU settings)
    - Fixed crash when trying to manually update projects list while an update was already in progress
    - Fixed wrong version of README included with 3.10 EXE.


    - Start All button on the main form now becomes "Stop All" if all clients are running (can be set to show stop all if only some clients running)
    - Reworked force GPU settings to allow per-GPU use and use with GPU3 clients
    - Changed startup sequence to include CPU detection
    - Disabled bigadv option on CPUs that don't support it (needs 8+ threads)
    - CPU cores to use won't allow a value higher than the number of actual cores
    - Single core CPU client now uses the SMP exe without the -smp flag
    - Modified client start behavior to improve performance
    - Reworked config page
    - Moved Heat Control and GPU3 config to the main config page

    - Added a link to the online passkey generator from the config page
    - Added nvidia_fermi as a force GPU option
    - Added CPU detection (name, cores, threads, clock, # of CPUs, vendor)
    - Added warning if no passkey entered and using SMP client
    - SMP client will be selected by default if 2+ cores >=2GHz detected
    - Added XML status output (can output client status to an XML file for remote viewing)

    Updated to 3.15, this is a quick fix for force GPU not being applied to the config change client.

    <download no longer available>

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