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    Explanation of Features 3.34

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    Explanation of Features 3.34 Empty Explanation of Features 3.34

    Post by CadBane on Fri Nov 12, 2010 6:50 am

    As many of you know there are some new GPU3 work units out there now, and they run HOT!!! Well we did ask for WUs that used fermi better and Stanford gave it to us. But these may overheat your lower fermi cards and will lower your production of WUs. To address this I suggested making the Advmethods flag optional per gpu, but to allow this we had to do a bit of redesigning of the configuration page to allow this option space wise. Doing this we saw a drop in binary size so we proceeded to see how else we could drop the size and we arrived at the icon in which we modified. This in total drops the download size. The code cleanup is for our end but it has been a long time coming. This about sums up why we made the changes we did. Please give us feedback on the new config page.

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