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    Complete Tracker changelog

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    Complete Tracker changelog Empty Complete Tracker changelog

    Post by jedi95 on Mon Dec 06, 2010 12:38 am

    I have decided to remove the pre-3.00 release entries from the changelog included in the readme. This will be the complete changelog for the Tracker.

    STABLE 3.52 - Installer support/bugfix/FAH client updater
    - Fixed a couple of possible crashes (very very unlikely to happen)
    - Fixed some rare initial setup bugs
    - Changed how dependent DLL files are handled on startup to allow for an installer (WIP, this will take awhile longer)
    - Changed how variables are accessed from other forms (possible performance improvement)
    - Reworked some code on Multi-GPU form.
    - Changes how the Tracker handles missing clients. Unless all 3 clients are missing the Tracker will simply redownload them.
    - Improved performance of initial setup.
    - Updated Games.txt list.
    - Added an updater for the FAH clients.

    STABLE 3.51 - bugfix/auto EOCID
    - Fixed possible issue starting the Tracker's updater
    - Changed how Gaming Pause is handled when starting clients (no longer rechecks game running status on client startup)
    - Loading time reduced through optimizations
    - Changed how client processes are declared and used
    - CPU detection limits (SMP/-bigadv) disabled on Windows XP
    - Added option to automatically get EOCID from the current name/team

    STABLE 3.47 - bugfix
    - Fixed last line in psummary being ignored by the parsing code
    - Fixed error saving to local projects cache that could result in bonus points calculation incorrectly being applied to some WUs
    - Fixed possible issue updating psummary when an unknown project is found
    - Fixed crash if client.cfg format isn't correct when starting clients
    - Reworked psummary parsing code to resolve issues and improve performance

    STABLE 3.46 - bugfix
    - Fixed bonus points not displaying in the totals in the client stats window
    - Removed redundant game running check.

    STABLE 3.45 - bugfix
    - Fixed User Stats not working correctly if "All years" or "All months" selected
    - Fixed main window not updating immediately in a rare case
    - Updated Games.txt list

    STABLE 3.44 - bugfix
    - Final fix to gaming pause, should work 100% now.
    - Many updates to Games.txt
    - Minor code cleanup

    STABLE 3.43 - bugfix
    - Fixed crash in some cases when checking if a game is running

    STABLE 3.42 - bugfix
    - Fixed possible error when loading the game list

    STABLE 3.41 - bugfix
    - Another possible fix for the freezing issue
    - Fixed SMP client WU complete + can't upload checks not working
    - FAHlog.txt reads reduced to 1 per client per update (finally!)
    - Client Status viewer improvements (more efficient code)
    - Updated Games.txt
    - Added user-defined game lists (keeps changes to the game list if Games.txt is updated, see manual for usage details)

    STABLE 3.40 - bugfix
    - Possible fix for freezing issue.
    - Fixed PPD in the status.xml output having commas.
    - Updater now keeps -nocpudetect -checklog and -gpupasskey flags

    STABLE 3.39 - bugfix
    - Fixed a rare stats calculation bug
    - Another possible fix for "Failed to read FAHlog.txt"
    - Major redo of main GUI updating code, should be more efficient
    - Fixed extra FAHlog.txt reads on status update if status.xml export is enabled
    - Minor efficiency tweaks to some client interface functions
    - Minor changes to Heat Control code
    - Added number formatting to the values in the user stats window
    - Added option to specify a GPU-only passkey.

    STABLE 3.38 - bugfix
    - Fixed the Tracker windows appearing to be resizable
    - Fixed ETA format being incorrect in the client status viewer in some cases
    - Removed some old unused code
    - Tweaked client status viewer behavior
    - Added more log details for the "Failed to read FAHlog.txt" error message. Use -debug for further logging.
    - Bonus points will now work on any WU with kfactor > 0. Previously this was tied to A3 WUs and the SMP client.

    STABLE 3.37 - bugfix
    - Fixed a couple potiential thread-safe issues
    - Fixed an error with Client Stats percentage calculation
    - Fixed SMP client being disabled if CPU detection fails (to use bigadv -nocpudetect will still be required in these cases)
    - Fixed odd crash on Windows XP for some users (the Tracker could crash on startup with no log entries or messages)
    - Fixed yet another case where the Start/Stop all button state would not update correctly.
    - Fixed possible Tracker Updater crash.
    - Fixed Configuration window size not being locked.
    - Merged GPU3 settings into the main config file for simplicity. (may cause issues when updating 3.34 -> 3.37, check GPU3 client settings)
    - Allowed Heat Control to run with GPU3 clients. This still won't work with core 15 WUs, but it should work for core 11 WUs under the GPU3 client.
    - Performance improvements to Client Stats loading.
    - Further reduction in exe size.
    - The Tracker now detects WUs that can't upload. If the internet connection is OK then it will start a new WU (while letting the old one upload)
    - Changed the Client Stats window to display the stats in Listview controls instead of listbox. This will allow sorting of the list in a future version.

    STABLE 3.34 - bugfix
    - Fixed case where Heat Control settings for GPU0 would be deleted when applying config settings
    - Made -advmethods per-client
    - Changed the look of the force GPU settings
    - Major code cleanup
    - Changed how the icons are stored to prevent duplication, major reduction in file size.
    - Added -checklog flag to check for blank (bugged) FAHlog.txt files on startup

    STABLE 3.33 - bugfix
    - Fixed SMP and CPU clients not showing "stopped" status in the GUI when using oneunit mode
    - Fixed a few more cases where the Start/Stop all button wouldn't update correctly
    - Changed status XML to add TPF and change any blank fields to "null"
    - Reduced file I/O when XML status file generation and/or FTP upload is enabled
    - Updated Games.txt for better game detection
    - Removed some redundant GUI status updates
    - Added flag -nocpudetect to force unlock of SMP client and -bigadv options when CPU detection doesn't work correctly
    - Added option to download updated Games.txt list for Gaming Pause detection

    STABLE 3.32 - Bugfix
    - Fixed % complete sometimes being 1% behind the actual value
    - Fixed possible problem if the client download window is closed
    - Fixed XML status showing the wrong values for project number and points
    - Fixed bonus points calculation not working in some rare cases due to a problem with the local project cache
    - Fixed Heat Control not allowing project numbers over 11000

    STABLE 3.31 - Bugfix
    - Fixed crash applying settings if team number left blank
    - Fixed PPD in Client Stats window not including bonus points if project no longer found on psummary
    - Fixed error loading local projects cache if psummary can't be downloaded
    - Changed PPD in status.xml so it rounds to the nearest integer
    - The Tracker now stores full project information in the local cache
    - Added option to select default client when opening client stats window
    - Added core type to the client details viewer

    STABLE 3.30 - GPU detection/setup improvements/many bugfixes
    - Fixed name not updating in config window when spaces are converted to _
    - Fixed team number not updating in config window when it is converted to a number
    - Fixed Multi-GPU window status indicators not updating automatically
    - Fixed Start/Stop all button not updating in some cases (oneunit mode, Multi-GPU controls)
    - Fixed reconfig loop when folding name contains spaces.
    - Fixed reconfig hang when team number contains non-numbers
    - Fixed reconfig problems if passkey is invalid (you get an error applying config if it is)
    - Fixed SMP client continuing to run if safely stopping it fails.
    - Fixed GUI hang when restoring the Tracker from the system tray
    - Fixed NaN displayed instead of 0.0% when an error occurs in the Client Stats window
    - Fixed formatting of new Tracker version string
    - Fixed number formatting for client stats window
    - Fixed total PPD including PPD from stopped clients in some cases
    - Removed redundant GUI updates when applying configuration settings
    - Removed redundant GUI updates when clients complete WUs (no longer done twice)
    - Initial setup process modified to be more user friendly
    - Smart EUE pause now pauses for 4 hours instead of 2.
    - Re-arranged the Client Stats window a bit to make it more user-friendly
    - Status.xml is now exported once every 3 minutes instead of every 40 seconds
    - Small changes to the configuration window to accommodate the GPU detection
    - Added GUI for FAH client download progress
    - Added ability to stop FAH client download without closing the Tracker
    - Added additional tooltips to the configuration window.
    - Added ability to upload Status.xml to an FTP server
    - Added total WUs to client stats (completed + failed = total)
    - Added "Web Settings" tab to configuration window
    - Added GPU detection and automatic setup for Nvidia GPUs
    - Added option to control use of -advmethods flag

    STABLE 3.25 - Bugfix for regional settings
    - Fixed error calculating TPF when using some date formats
    - Fixed total PPD not displaying correctly when some number formats are used

    STABLE 3.24 - PPD display and bugfix
    - Fixed potential thread-safe issue when starting a client
    - Fixed deadline warning appearing if ETA or deadline isn't known
    - Moved Name/Team status display to the status bar along with the total PPD
    - Removed a redundant timer
    - Code cleanup to remove redundant FAHlog.txt reads
    - Small modifications to the config window text and tooltips to clarify some features
    - Code cleanup for tray icon PPD indicator (prevents calculating PPD twice)
    - Added total PPD to the Tracker's main window
    - Clicking a balloon notification now opens the main Tracker window

    STABLE 3.23 - Quick fix
    - Fixed deadline warning appearing when the WU is well within the deadline in some cases

    STABLE 3.22 - Bugfix/GUI changes
    - Fixed possible crash due to thread-unsafe call
    - Fixed old site being used by default to get client download locations
    - Fixed possible crash when WUs complete, the stats files exists, and fail to load.
    - Fixed inability to run Tracker initial setup if both my sites are down (will use hardcoded locations as backup)
    - Fixed PPD momentarily showing up as green when first starting the client
    - Fixed rounding problem on the client details viewer that would result in things like "1d 12hr 60m" (showing 60 minutes)
    - Team default changed, now there is no default team. Added a quick team select option for several top teams.
    - Added About window (File -> About) This window gives the current version of the Tracker and a special thanks list.
    - Added deadline warning to the client details viewer if the ETA is greater than the time remaining until the deadline.
    - Added option to display a balloon notification when WUs fail.

    STABLE 3.21 - Bugfix
    - Fixed Start/Stop all button not updating state when multi-gpu window start/stop buttons are used.
    - Fixed loss of Nvidia Fermi forcegpu setting when reloading the config page.
    - Fixed "Reset to defaults" in the config window not resetting the GPU3 client settings.

    STABLE 3.20 - PPD monitoring
    - Fixed Start/Stop All button not changing state when using the systray context menu.
    - Fixed initial setup failing on systems where GPU0 doesn't support F@H
    - Fixed rare client hang bug introduced in 3.15 as a result of the modified forcegpu flag settings
    - Removed redundant FAHlog.txt reads when WUs finish
    - The Tracker no longer checks the backup website for updates (that site is out of date)
    - Added PPD monitoring. The client PPD is now visible right after the % complete
    - Total PPD is shown in the tray icon
    - Added PRCG in the client details window
    - Added WU ETA in the client details window
    - Added time to deadline in the client details window
    - Added WU benchmarking by means of TPF (per client and per project)
    - Added PPD display to the client stats window when viewing an individual client
    - Added Client -> [client] -> Delete WU Benchmarks to delete the stored TPF data

    STABLE 3.15 - Bugfix
    - Fixed force GPU settings not being applied to the client used to update client.cfg (fixes "Unsupported GPU" with correct force GPU settings)

    STABLE 3.14 - CPU detection/interface improvements
    - Fixed crash when trying to manually update projects list while an update was already in progress
    - Fixed wrong version of README included with 3.10 EXE.
    - Start All button on the main form now becomes "Stop All" if all clients are running (can be set to show stop all if only some clients running)
    - Reworked force GPU settings to allow per-GPU use and use with GPU3 clients
    - Changed startup sequence to include CPU detection
    - Disabled bigadv option on CPUs that don't support it (needs 8+ threads)
    - CPU cores to use won't allow a value higher than the number of actual cores
    - Single core CPU client now uses the SMP exe without the -smp flag
    - Modified client start behavior to improve performance
    - Reworked config page
    - Moved Heat Control and GPU3 config to the main config page
    - Added a link to the online passkey generator from the config page
    - Added nvidia_fermi as a force GPU option
    - Added CPU detection (name, cores, threads, clock, # of CPUs, vendor)
    - Added warning if no passkey entered and using SMP client
    - SMP client will be selected by default if 2+ cores >=2GHz detected
    - Added XML status output (can output client status to an XML file for remote viewing)

    STABLE 3.10 - Bugfix/SMP update
    - Fixed another client hang bug in the config loader.
    - Removed SMP MPI files from main download
    - Removed install.bat check
    - As a result of the new 6.30 SMP client, running install.bat is no longer necessary
    - The Tracker is now stand-alone. This means you can paste the exe into any folder and it will download the clients and set up automatically.

    STABLE 3.08 - New update system/bugfix/BigAdv
    - Fixed error detecting GPU client exits if config reloaded while clients are running. (would result in clients not restarting)
    - Fixed crash if "Config -> Check for updates" clicked while already checking for updates
    - Fixed potential thread-safe issue when starting GPU clients
    - Significantly improved update system fixes requiring incremental updates (2.89 -> 2.93 -> 3.00 -> 3.01 for example)
    - The -debug flag no longer forces local update check, this is now done by -debugupdate
    - Changed the web update location (may result in bugs, no change visible to users)
    - Various code cleanup
    - Added "FAH Server Status" link that links to the FAH server status page.
    - Updates are no longer downloaded in separate files, instead they are downloaded as a single .zip
    - Update downloads have an MD5 check to verify success
    - Tooltips added to the config page to make configuring the Tracker easier.
    - BigAdv option added for SMP client

    STABLE 3.01 - Bugfix release
    - Changed the way sigsend.dll checking is done, this should solve the problem where the Tracker says the DLL is not found when it is present.
    - Added a "Links" menu with useful web links (Main Stanford page, FAH projects list (psummary), Tracker forums)

    STABLE 3.00 - FAH EULA compliance and major improvements
    - Fixed rare crash when starting clients if userinfo.txt or starttime.txt can't be created.
    - Fixed allowing clients to start if sigsend.dll not found (would result in crash if you tried to stop the client)
    - Fixed trying to unzip downloaded clients if ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll is missing
    - Fixed the Tracker allowing users to start clients if initial setup fails
    - Added exception handling for all file I/O operations, should fix crashes if these operations fail
    - Fixed possible crash when trying to stop a client
    - Fixed -forcegpu setting applying to GPU3 clients
    - Changed the way client.cfg files are modified in order to comply with FAH EULA (new method may have bugs, testing needed)
    - Unzipping files now uses a .NET library instead of the 7-zip client (should improve reliability)
    - Trying to launch a second instance of the Tracker will make the main window of the existing instance appear instead of launching a new instance.
    - Improved the reliability of the initial setup
    - Improved handling of initial setup failures
    - Changed the way -forcegpu is applied
    - The Tracker now creates the client folders on first run* (except the SMP folder, due to the MPI files)
    - Minor GUI tweaks and fixes
    - Added "Download FAH Clients" option under the setup menu. This will download the FAH clients from Stanford.
    - Added a prompt on first run before downloading FAH clients.
    - Added detailed error messages in the event of initial setup failure
    - Significantly improved recovery from failed initial setup
    - Added an option to save FAHlog.txt for completed WUs.
    - Added window location saving option. This option will restore the location of each window when it is opened, even after restarting the Tracker.

    STABLE 2.93 - New download method
    - Removed FAH clients from the main download, the Tracker will download the clients from Stanford on the first use.
    - Removed ATI setup page, the correct ATI DLLs will be used automatically.
    - The Tracker will now be packaged as a .zip file instead of a .rar file so it can be extracted without a 3rd party tool like WinRAR.

    STABLE 2.92 - Heat control changes
    - Fixed rare crash when closing the Tracker
    - Fixed client exit not being detected sometimes, which resulted in WUs being "stuck" at 100%
    - Fixed Heat Control not working if the user has no settings for the GPU2/GPU3 config
    - Fixed Heat Control trying to use the old method of stopping clients
    - Added a log message to indicate Heat Control applied when resuming WUs.

    STABLE 2.89 - First stable release
    - Possible GUI glitch on Multi-GPU page
    - Fixed SMP cores setting getting ignored if the SMP client is running when then setting is changed.
    - Fixed possible tray icon duplication from a thread-safety issue
    - Fixed crash bug when updating client.cfg if file is not correctly formatted.
    - "View Stats" and "Multi-GPU Control" buttons no longer grey out when those pages are open
    - Clicking the above buttons when the pages are open simply brings them to the front
    - Client start/stop system reworked, allows many new features (coming soon)
    - Changed client.cfg setup, by default some flags are given to the clients directly (-oneunit, and -smp for the SMP client)
    - Major cleanup and optimization of client status refreshes. There should be no change visible to the user.
    - Added new page for detailed client stats. Open it by clicking the client label.
    - Added smart error pause to prevent trashing hundreds of WUs in rare cases. It occurs after 10 consecutive WU failures and lasts 2 hours before trying again.
    - Added an option to add the -verbosity 9 flag to clients.
    - Added option to disable client hiding. This option will run the clients without hiding the main window.

    BETA 2.8 - BETA system
    - Added beta system. Starting with this release you will need to specifically enable beta updating to receive beta versions
    - Improved loading process (the Tracker should load faster)
    - GPUs using the GPU3 client will not try to apply Heat Control (GPU3 client ignores FAH_GPU_IDLE)
    - Modified icon for better appearance with Windows 7 taskbar
    - Heat Control page maximize button is now disabled (maximize would mess up anyway)
    - Fixed GPU2/GPU3 config page being resizable

    BETA 2.79 - GPU3
    - Added GPU3 client support along with per-GPU settings for GPU2/GPU3 client
    - Updated icon for Windows 7 users with large taskbar icons

    BETA 2.77 - Fixed Gaming Pause
    - Fixed clients not starting new WUs correctly while gaming with Gaming Pause enabled.

    BETA 2.76 - Performance improvement
    - GPU clients will not restart to apply Heat Control if the WU is already known
    - Downloading new projects and testing the game list are now in separate threads (performance improvement)
    - Modified the Heat Control page GUI slightly to make it easier to understand

    BETA 2.75 - Performance improvement
    - Modified startup sequence to use multiple threads, significant decrease in loading time.
    - Moved update checking to a separate thread to prevent GUI lag

    BETA 2.74 - Third (hopefully last) bugfix for Heat Control
    - Heat control settings not applying after first WU
    - Made log function completely thread safe

    BETA 2.73 - Second bugfix for Heat Control
    - Fixed default Heat Control settings overriding the rules in some cases.

    BETA 2.72 - Bugfix for Heat Control
    - Fixed crash when using Heat Control.

    BETA 2.7 - Heat Control
    NEW Stuff:
    - Heat Control feature that allows setting FAH_GPU_IDLE on a per-WU basis. Also can be set per-GPU
    - Modified Gaming Pause to allow selecting which clients to pause while gaming

    BETA 2.61 - Quick fix for manual config
    - Fixed new manual user/team/passkey config not applying to any clients that are running when the change is made.

    BETA 2.6 - CC 2010
    - The full download of the Tracker now contains the CUDA 2.3 Runtime for folding on PhysX only GPUs
    - Modified the updater to allow downloading additional files.
    - Added config option to specify -forcegpu flag

    BETA 2.5 - Added local project store
    - Fixed client.cfg of all clients except one failing to switch user/team/pass automatically when the XML config file is changed
    - Fixed Client Stats page not displaying bonus points even though they are being recorded.
    - Added a local PROJECTS.txt file to maintain a local list of all projects. This prevents unknown WUs in the stats if they are removed from psummary.
    - Significantly improved the performance of the User Stats page. It now reads the stats files only once instead of several times.

    BETA 2.4 - Bonus points stats fix
    - Now records the bonus points for core A3 SMP WUs in the stats. Displayed value in the main window is still only shows base points value

    - Fixed crash bug on User Stats page when clicking in the empty space in the list of users
    - Fixed client stats page bug where total WUs failed would be incorrectly displayed.
    - Fixed minor bug that would prevent clients from switching users correctly when using the XML config mode.
    - Fixed GUI bug where the second decimal place for version numbers would not be shown when updating.
    - Fixed minor bug on startup with client autostart and gaming pause enabled while playing a game. The clients would not start when the game is closed
    - Fixed GUI bug in config page

    BETA 2.3 - Fixed client stats display bug
    - The % of WUs value being incorrectly calculated under the WU stats by project section of the client stats page.

    BETA 2.21 - Fixed automatic updater
    - Automatic updates work

    BETA 2.2 - Bugfix release
    - Possible crash when a client fails a WU in an unexpected way.

    BETA 2.1 - Oneunit per client
    - Oneunit mode is now on a per-client basis instead of a single global option.

    BETA 2.0 - Initial release

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