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    3.39 Stable Released!

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    3.39 Stable Released! Empty 3.39 Stable Released!

    Post by jedi95 on Wed Dec 15, 2010 5:26 pm

    Version 3.39 stable has been released!

    This version is mostly a a bugfix release. The only new feature is the ability to specify a GPU only passkey using the -gpupasskey flag.


    - Fixed a rare stats calculation bug
    - Another possible fix for "Failed to read FAHlog.txt"

    - Major redo of main GUI updating code, should be more efficient
    - Fixed extra FAHlog.txt reads on status update if status.xml export is enabled
    - Minor efficiency tweaks to some client interface functions
    - Minor changes to Heat Control code

    - Added number formatting to the values in the user stats window
    - Added option to specify a GPU-only passkey.

    <removed, use 3.40>

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