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FAH GPU Tracker V2 is a Folding@Home Client tracking and control program

    FAH GPU Tracker V2 Setup Guide

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    FAH GPU Tracker V2 Setup Guide Empty FAH GPU Tracker V2 Setup Guide

    Post by jedi95 on Wed May 26, 2010 4:16 pm

    The purpose of this guide is to properly setup FAH GPU Tracker V2. The guide will cover the basic settings.

    1. Download FAH GPU Tracker V2: 3.37 Stable

    2. Extract the folder. You can put FAH GPU Tracker V2 in any folder, and move it anytime without problems.

    3. Run FAH GPU Tracker V2.exe Make sure you use "Run as Administrator" if you have UAC enabled.

    4. The Tracker will prompt you to download the FAH clients. Click yes to download the FAH clients from Stanford. If you clicked no, you can restart the Tracker or go to Config -> Download FAH Clients
    FAH GPU Tracker V2 Setup Guide Guide1

    You should see the Tracker downloading the clients. This may take some time depending on your internet connection.
    FAH GPU Tracker V2 Setup Guide Guide2

    5. Go to Setup -> Configure
    FAH GPU Tracker V2 Setup Guide Guide3

    6. Client Setup
    6. Client Setup
    Now you have to consider what you want to be folding on. If you want to fold on your CPU, and you have a CPU with at least 2 cores then you should use the multi-core SMP client. Otherwise you should use the single core CPU client.
    FAH GPU Tracker V2 Setup Guide Guide4

    If you want to fold on your GPU(s) you can either click the Autodetect GPUs button (recommended for Nvidia users) or set up the clients manually. Nvidia 8-series and up, and ATI HD 2000 series and up all support GPU folding.

    To set up the clients manually first Enable the GPU(s) you want to fold on. (red box)
    The GPU3 Client setting (blue box) enables the GPU3 client for that GPU. The GPU3 client should only be used for Nvidia 400/500 series cards. ATI 5000/6000 series cards will require the ATI R700 selection to work, since the client can't detect them properly.
    FAH GPU Tracker V2 Setup Guide Guide5

    7. Name/team/passkey/EOCID
    The next step is to enter your name, team, passkey (optional, but highly recommended if running the SMP client), and EOCID (optional). The quick team select box (green box) will enter the team number of the selected team. If your team is not on the list, you can just enter the team number manually. If you do not have a passkey, you can get one by clicking on the word "Passkey" (red box). EOCID is your Extreme Overclocking Stats ID. This is optional, and the only thing it does is make the Stats -> View EOC Stats shortcut work.
    FAH GPU Tracker V2 Setup Guide Guide6

    8. Starting the clients
    Before you start any clients, make sure your name and team number appear in the status bar at the bottom of the main Tracker window. If not, make sure you hit apply before closing the configuration window. You can now start the FAH clients, but remember to start GPUs one at a time the first time you start them. This makes is much easier to find the cause of problems like the "GPU not supported" message.

    That's it, you're done!

    If you have problems setting up FAH GPU Tracker V2, please post a new thread in this section for assistance.

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