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    config 2 GPU's to work on 2 projects


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    config 2 GPU's to work on 2 projects

    Post by Penguin on Thu Mar 10, 2011 3:41 pm

    I've hit a bit of a snag with my folding. I'm using FAH GPU tracker V2 (3.51) with SMP GPU0 and GPU1. I updated the nVidia driver (to 266.58) and the FAH (to 3.52) and ever since a few things changed:
    1. One or both of the GPU's show PPD 0 and it takes them a long time to show the 4,000 I've become accustomed to. The CPU is doing the same. Is this normal?
    2. More worryingly, both of the GPU's now work on the same project number. Before they were independent of each other and worked on different project numbers. Obviously I want to finish WU quickly and I feel that the previous way was faster but I have no idea how to return to it.
    I have SLI enabled (8800 GTX) but before the update it didn't matter and with and without SLI the PPD's were never 0 and the projects were different.
    I've downgraded the tracker back to 3.51 and it seemed to improve the PPD thing. I don’t know whether to try downgrading the driver (rollback doesn't work so I'll have to find a previous version) or to tinker with the FAH configuration.
    Can anyone offer an advice?

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