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    Ubuntu 11.04, GPU3 woes


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    Ubuntu 11.04, GPU3 woes Empty Ubuntu 11.04, GPU3 woes

    Post by Agencyman on Sun Jul 31, 2011 11:33 am

    I'm back, but only because I am an enthusiastic user of Tracker, and recommend it to almost everybody. Win 7 runs GPU3 and SMP2 so reliably and flawlessly its incredible.

    However, I'm getting into Ubuntu and have a 64 bit v 11.04 that is happy grinding out SMP2 via a console, but I cannot get any method of GPU3 Fermi to run.

    Tracker is such an operationally simple, elegant and efficient solution for Windoze, I just wish I could get Wine to run it. I have heard that 10.10 will run it, but so far everything I have read on all forums I can find, have only bad news, except one guy, who must be a Unix pro, he was way over my head.

    I have tried Wine 1.2 and 1.3. Both recognize and seem to run the installer, (no error code No , it simply finishes),but if the resultant prog files and folders are generated, they are not underneath in the tree, and I surely don't know where they are!

    Ideas? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
    Bruce Hinton

    Ubuntu 11.04, GPU3 woes Sigimage
    Ubuntu 11.04, GPU3 woes Usersig-1

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