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    SMP Client Issue!!!


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    SMP Client Issue!!! Empty SMP Client Issue!!!

    Post by m_tegey on Sat Oct 29, 2011 11:51 am

    I’m having some major issues running the SMP client with “bigadv” enabled. Previously for the last five months I’ve been running the SMP client with “bigadv” stable with no issues producing about 600,000+ points in a month. Now for the last month or so the SMP client been drastically underperforming, saying on its work unit completion eta that the WU would be completed well over 24hrs past the completion deadline. Needless to say I’ve deleted and reinstalled GPU Tracker several times with no results. Between two i7 X58 rigs I used to be able to hit 1,000,000+ points in a month easily, now I’m struggling to do even half that. Please help me!

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