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    Odd Behavior when upgrading to 3.54


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    Odd Behavior when upgrading to 3.54 Empty Odd Behavior when upgrading to 3.54

    Post by Cardnyl on Wed Dec 14, 2011 8:21 pm

    The auto update feature popped up saying there was a new feature to update and if i wanted to grab it. I allowed it to update which it appeared to do just fine and continued to fold. The following day I noticed that my stats (on the extreme overclocking stats site) for the day were non-existent. I thought nothing of it since I've seen instances were a whole day (or blocks of time) don't show credit either because of Standford's servers or the stat site itself. After a period of time a big block of credit would hit which would equalize the gap. Figuring this was another instance like that I waited. The following day the same thing occured.

    EOC stats #438328 (couldnt link since I'm too new)

    I became suspicious at this point since I've never seen this before. When most of the next day went by without any credit I decided to check out the options fearing that the update had somehow reset my name and team for credit. The fields themselves still had all of my information populated in but just to be sure i cleared out the fields and re-entered everything and hit apply. By the next update on the stats site I was getting credit again. I never did get a big hit to my points which meant I was folding for someone else for 2 days. I'm not sure who or how to find out since I think the logs get blasted between each work unit.

    *edit: I just checked my User stats and it says its been folding for me the entire time. I think I might have had 3.52 installed prior to the update.

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