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    Client -> GPU0 -> Stop After Current WU


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    Client -> GPU0 -> Stop After Current WU

    Post by eduncan911 on Wed Jan 04, 2012 6:19 pm

    Btw, awesome application! I started my own to control all of my clients running around, and all of their configs manually. The fact you put it all into a GUI, and auto-download - bravo!

    Similar to the Shut Down Computer after WU feature request, I'd like a "Shut down client after current WU" feature.

    I.e. Shut down the GPU or CPU or SMP thread that is running once it completes it's WU. Basically, don't restart the client for a new WU until manually restarted.

    Like an action on the client menu:

    Client -> GPU0 -> Stop After Current WU

    Which would not restart the client after the WU finishes (putting it into a Stopped state).

    I think this would be easy to do, especially how you use the -OneUnit client feature (that you seem to get a lot of flack against, I really like your concept of using it!).

    Reason: I find myself doing a lot of tweaking, needing to reboot, wanting to adjust settings, etc. Like getting a lot of failed WUs due to an overclock issue. Sometimes knowing I'm going to overhaul the system or install different parts (I do this often). Sometimes the system is down for a week or two at a time, where the WU would expire.

    I don't like the current stand alone client behavior of 'pause 10s, uploading results, grab a new WU, and start' kind of thing before I can kill it. It means my system grabs a WU before I can shut it down. A WU that someone else could grab. That's why I like your software, how you restart the client every time.

    Also, monitoring each and every client is exhausting to "catch it" before it starts another WU.

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