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    How to report a bug (READ THIS FIRST)

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    How to report a bug (READ THIS FIRST) Empty How to report a bug (READ THIS FIRST)

    Post by jedi95 on Thu May 27, 2010 5:27 pm

    In order to keep this section organized and easy to read make sure you do the following before posting:

    1. Check if the bug has been posted already
    2. If it hasn't, make a new thread. Do not post new bug reports in existing threads unless it is related to the issue
    3. when posting a bug report include the following:
    - Detailed description of the bug and how to reproduce it
    - The contents of LOG.txt located in the main Tracker folder.
    - Any relevant screenshots/images
    - If the Tracker is crashing, please include the text in the error message that pops up

    These guidelines are to make sure any bugs are fixed quickly.


    If you do not follow these guidelines and post enough information your post will be ignored.

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