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    3.08 Stable Released!

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    3.08 Stable Released! Empty 3.08 Stable Released!

    Post by jedi95 on Mon Jul 12, 2010 4:05 pm

    This release fixes various bugs and adds some new features. First, an option to run -bigadv for the SMP client has been added. Second, tooltips have been added to the config page to explain what the options do. Finally, there is the new update system. The new update system downloads all the update files in a single .zip file. This file is then MD5 verified before installing. The new system also supports direct updating to the latest version from any other version.


    - Fixed error detecting GPU client exits if config reloaded while clients are running. (would result in clients not restarting)
    - Fixed crash if "Config -> Check for updates" clicked while already checking for updates
    - Fixed potential thread-safe issue when starting GPU clients
    - Significantly improved update system fixes requiring incremental updates (2.89 -> 2.93 -> 3.00 -> 3.01 for example)

    - The -debug flag no longer forces local update check, this is now done by -debugupdate
    - Various code cleanup

    - Added "FAH Server Status" link that links to the FAH server status page.
    - Updates are no longer downloaded in separate files, instead they are downloaded as a single .zip
    - Update downloads have an MD5 check to verify success
    - Tooltips added to the config page to make configuring the Tracker easier.
    - BigAdv option added for SMP client

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