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    How to Suggest a Feature

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    How to Suggest a Feature Empty How to Suggest a Feature

    Post by CadBane on Sat May 29, 2010 8:50 pm

    This is the thread that states the steps we would like you to take before you suggest a feature and the form we would like you to submit it in.

    1. Check the suggested features list to make sure that the feature you would like to suggest hasn't already been suggested.
    2. After checking and not finding the suggestion Fill out the from in step 3 in a new thread.
    3 Fill out this form in a new thread to suggest a feature.

    Feature Name:
    What does this feature do:
    Why would this feature be useful to be include in the tracker:

    4. Submit thread and wait for Dev Team Member to add it to the LoSF (List O' Suggested Features)

    The Development Team would like to thank you for your patience and cooperation in using this form.

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