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    3.37 Stable Released!

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    3.37 Stable Released! Empty 3.37 Stable Released!

    Post by jedi95 on Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:16 am

    Version 3.37 has been released!

    This version fixes a crash on Windows XP that could occur when starting the Tracker, along with some other minor bugs. The main new feature in this release is that the Tracker will now detect WUs that won't upload due to server problems. In these cases the Tracker will restart the client so that it can get a new WU. This feature does not conflict with other Tracker features such as the OneUnit setting or Heat Control.


    - Fixed a couple potiential thread-safe issues
    - Fixed an error with Client Stats percentage calculation
    - Fixed SMP client being disabled if CPU detection fails (to use bigadv -nocpudetect will still be required in these cases)
    - Fixed odd crash on Windows XP for some users (the Tracker could crash on startup with no log entries or messages)
    - Fixed yet another case where the Start/Stop all button state would not update correctly.
    - Fixed possible Tracker Updater crash.
    - Fixed Configuration window size not being locked.

    - Merged GPU3 settings into the main config file for simplicity. (may cause issues when updating 3.34 -> 3.37, check GPU3 client settings)
    - Allowed Heat Control to run with GPU3 clients. This still won't work with core 15 WUs, but it should work for core 11 WUs under the GPU3 client.
    - Performance improvements to Client Stats loading.
    - Further reduction in exe size.

    - The Tracker now detects WUs that can't upload. If the internet connection is OK then it will start a new WU (while letting the old one upload)
    - Changed the Client Stats window to display the stats in Listview controls instead of listbox. This will allow sorting of the list in a future version.


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