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    3.10 Stable Released!

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    3.10 Stable Released! Empty 3.10 Stable Released!

    Post by jedi95 on Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:47 pm

    This version is designed for use with the new 6.30 SMP client. This new SMP client does not need MPI, so running install.bat is not required. The other changes from 3.08 are:

    - Fixed another client hang bug in the config loader.

    - Removed SMP MPI files from main download
    - Removed install.bat check

    - As a result of the new 6.30 SMP client, running install.bat is no longer necessary
    - The Tracker is now stand-alone. This means you can paste the exe into any folder and it will download the clients and set up automatically.

    <download link removed>

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