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    The Tracker's OneUnit setting - READ FIRST

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    The Tracker's OneUnit setting - READ FIRST Empty The Tracker's OneUnit setting - READ FIRST

    Post by jedi95 on Sat Oct 02, 2010 3:32 am

    I get way too many questions regarding this setting and why all the clients run with -oneunit. From now on all questions related to this problem will be linked to this thread.

    Alright, first it is necessary to understand how the Tracker deals with clients. All clients are given the -oneunit flag regardless of settings. The reason the clients keep running after completing a WU is that the Tracker restarts the clients after they exit. If you set the OneUnit option in the Tracker's config then it doesn't restart the client. This is what makes it possible to change this setting and have it take effect without restarting the clients.

    In short, don't worry about the -oneunit flag on the clients, and just use the Tracker's option.

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